Botrytis Riesling

Vintage 2011
Region Eden Valley
Winemaker Teresa Heuzenroeder
Harvested 12th & 13th April 2011
Oak Treatment
Alcohol 10.0
Total Acid 10.9
pH 3.17

The Heggies Vineyard is blessed with a number of different meso climates across the site, with slope and aspect causing significant variances. The vineyard parcel for the Botrytis Riesling almost chooses itself, situated on a gentle westerly slope with trees providing shelter on three sides and a dam forming the border at the base of the vineyard. These factors lead to humid, still conditions with morning fogs that are perfect for the development of botrytis cinerea.

The botrytised grapes were selectively hand harvested with the fruit showing pure finesse, richness and balance. The grapes were whole bunch pressed and the juice given a cool, even fermentation to ensure the retention of the pure fruit characters.

Bright gold with green hints, this tantalising and intense botrytis wine greets you with notes of almond meal, complex florals, bees wax, white pepper and cardamom, ending with the brightness of cumquat marmalade. Full and rich, this Botrytis Riesling shows nectar along with mouth-watering acidity delivering drive and precision. The wine has a satisfying texture along with a purity and delicacy that leaves the taster desiring one last sip.

"This doesn’t occur every year, but when it does we get these classic notes of apricots and glacé fruits, with superb balance.” Winemaker, Peter Gambetta